PC and Laptop Backups, Data Recovery


Recovery of full systems or files, simple backup solutions that you can manage

Need a resilient backup solution for all your files, photos, games and other personal data? Had enough of junk mail? There are solutions for every kind of budget... You can store data online, internally or on network attached storage (NAS).

A brief list of some of the services we offer:

Scheduled backups onsite/offsite to the cloud (online) that can be accessed from anywhere

Computer not starting up? Blue screen of death? Files vanished? We can help you recover your data 99% of the time from these scenarios and help with the removal of viruses, malware or annoying pop ups

Once you are cleaned up we will recommend the right software for your budget to prevent future problems occurring. With our enterprise level expertise and advice you will get high a quality service for a fair price

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Repairs and Upgrades

We understand the importance of keeping costs down without compromising on quality...

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Home Office, Cinema, Music Studio or Gaming Room Design

Want a special room for you, or for someone special?

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Business IT Support

Need Business support? Check out our wide range of options...

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